Improve your dog's alimentation easily


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Improve your dog's alimentation easily

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Discover all the characteristic of NutriPetDog


Save your dog food

Now you can save your dog’s food in NutriPetDog by typing the Guaranteed Analysis printed on the bag

Find the best dog food for your pet

NutriPetDog helps you to choose the best feed for your dog

Get the right amount of dog food

NutriPetDog calculate the right amount of food to get the ideal weight

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NutriPetDog Mobile Android

NutriPetDog Mobile Android

Control your pet’s alimentation
NutriPetDog gives you a full control of your dog’s nutrition by analyzing the physical condition and activity of your dog, in order to know how much food you should feed your dog.

NutriPetDog Mobile IOS

NutriPetDog Mobile IOS

We want to help you to improve your dog´s nutrition
NutriPetDog has been developed by Alfonso X “El Sabio” University (Madrid) and veterinarians specialized in dog nutrition with the aim of providing dog’s owners with a top quality product.

Very complete
If you want to control the conditions of your pet you are going to find a lot of values and possibilities to do it.

Carlos Alberto Castillo

Very recommendable and helpful
It is a work tool very interesting and functional, I really encourage you to carry on.

Ricardo Pérez

Very helpful
Now I can avoid the overweight in my dog, knowing the correct feed for him and he recommended ration.

Álvaro González

Useful and interesting App
Nutripetdog is the best app for choosing your pet’s alimentation, in addition, it contains a lot of interesting information for dog care.


An app for dogs
Awesome app, it has helped me a lot, to find the correct alimentation for my dogs… Great!


Great App
An awesome App for everyone that hasn’t got any canine alimentation knowledge, it helps with the choice of the correct feed, to follow your dog’s evolution […] It was about time to have such a complete and intuitive App. Thank you so much. Cheers.

Franc FG

Let a correct nutrition be the only medicine for your dog