Why NutriPetDog can help you with your dog´s nutrition?

Why NutriPetDog can help you with your dog´s nutrition?

Welcome to NutriPetDog
Nutripetdog´s team wants to thank you for your trust in our mobile application designed by veterinarians and aimed at all dog lovers.
With NutripetDog you can easily create a unique profile for each dog and many other functions in order to improve your dogs nutrition:

– Calculate the ideal weight of the dog based on their physiological parameters and monitor the actual weight over time.
– Control deviation weight by feeding the right amount of feed.
– Register feed commonly used in feeding your dog and learn which one is better.
– Rate energy feed used and calculate the optimal feed ration depending on the characteristics of the individual dog.
– Find the nearest clinics around you.
– Accessories that NutriPetDog recommends for your dogs .

About NutriPetDog
NutriPetDog has been developed by a group, of computer ingineers and university professors from University Alfonso X (Madrid) using the latest publications on canine nutrition by international academic reference entities.
The main objective of the whole NutriPetDog team, is to offer all dog owners a mobile application that helps them prevent obesity in dogs and maintain their ideal weight throughout their lives so we reduce the risk of disease of our pets
NutripetDog development began in late 2013 when Veterinary LN43 SL group. and www.sunsestudios.com began to contemplate the possibility of creating an application to help dog owners to feed their pets appropiately. The union of private enterprise and academic talent made the development of NutriPetDog mobile app possible totally free.

NutriPetDog mobile App and NutriPetDog webApp
NutriPetDog mobile App is the first version of this new product, that stands out from the rest because it is created by veterinary experts in animal nutrition. NutripetDog mobile version is the basis of the project but NutriPetDog global project includes the development of NutriPetDog WebApp focused on veterinary specialists and dog breeders and NutriPetDog Pro the mobile versión. Those will be released soon for those dog lovers who want to take nutrition professionally.
NutriPetDog helps to improve the quality of our pets life.

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