Nutritional data description

– Real live weight (Kg)
The dog’s weight is introduced in “kg” . It is recommended too use a common scale, if you do not have a scale for dogs. The procedure in case you have scale, is take your dog and weigh yourself with the dog and taking the total weight, then weigh yourself alone and note down your weight again. Work out by taking away your weight form the total weight. The result is the real live weight of the dog.

– Body condition score (1-5)
There are several methods to define the physical condition of an animal, in this case we provide a basic NutriPetDog scale with goes from 1 to 5 condition score. The value 1 corresponds to a very thin body condition while the value 5 corresponds to obese animals . We select a value of 1-5 selector body condition, according to our pet. See the graph attached for better understanding of proper body condition for each animal.

– Activity
Your dog´s physical activity must be recorded in hours of daily activity and its intensity. This involve three levels of activity that are classified as mild, moderate and severe. Select the most suitable to the actual activity of your dog.

– Average environment temperature
In this field you must enter the value that is closest to the average temperature of the environment where the animal lives.

– Pathologies
Select from the list if your dog has any disease, otherwise leave the field unchecked.

– Spayed or neutered
Select from the list your your dog is spayed or neutered whether it is male and female. Otherwise select “No”.

– Week of gestation
NutriPetDog takes into account the nutritional needs if a female is in gestation period. If your dog is in gestation period select the week of gestation in which it is in order to calculate its needs. NutripetDog takes a pregnancy into into account from the 4th week of gestation.

– Number of puppies
If your dog just had puppies, NutriPetDog helps you work out their nutritional requirements. You should enter the number of puppies in this field.

– Weight of puppies
You have to weigh the puppies in order to find out the weight lost by the mother. You should weight all the puppies and then divide their total weight by the number of puppies in order to find out their average weight and meet mother nutritional needs.

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