How do we record a new feed?
Choosing the right feed for the dog, is a very common struggle for dog owners but NutriPetDog can help you!

Consider that the genetic variety of race formats, and physical activity of dogs is the highest among mammals. Not all dogs feed are the same.

By only entering feed composition, which appears on the labels of bags, you can assess the energy of it and the relationship protein-energy. NutriPetDog, will them select the feed that is better to cover the nutritional needs of your pet.

When registering a feed, NutriPetDog shows the most important ratios of the feed and will be register them in the local database.

Feed registration procedure
Select the feed screen and then follow the steps:

– Enter the name of the commercial feed to be registered

– Read its label with nutritional composition and enter each field in % of each component. Minerals is equivalent to ashes or inorganic matter in nutritional composition label.

– After the introduction of all components of the feed, click the record icon at the bottom feed.

If the process was successful, NutriPetDog will indicate with a notification. To verify the feed has been saved correctly in the database, go back to the screen feed and you should see the feed stored with the first results of the energy value.

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