How do we calculate the perfect ration?

From the characteristics of your dog, NutriPetDog sets the nutritional profile needs for the ideal diet metabolizable energy (kcal/kg BW ^ 0.75) and protein (g/Mcal of metabolizable energy). NutriPetDog, then selects the most suitable feed of the available range and details the amount to be supplied daily to maintain ideal weight of your dog.

How to calculate the optimal ration

In order to calculate the optimal ration, we must first have at least one pet registered in NutriPetDog and one registered feed. Ideally you would have more than one registered feed to select the most appropriate for your dog. In screen rations will present the optimum ration and a list of parameters that have been saved in NutriPetDog database.

It is “very important” if nutritional input data has changed, to “update” and save changes before calculating the optimal ration. If there was no change in the initial data, the data will be confirmed by pressing the corresponding button to move to the next phase. Next we select the feed or all feeds; to do this, push the button “SELECT FEED”, a window will open where you will find a list of all the registered feeds and another option “All feeds”. If you select “All feeds” NutriPetDog will automatically select the most optimal according to their characteristics of your dog. You can also select a unique feed to calculate the optimal one ration.

Finally to calculate the optimal ration., just click “Calculate RATION” button. After pressing the button a new screen will pop up with the calculated data of the ration recommended feed and appropriate daily amount.

Ration calculation results

– Upper zone feed and recommended ration
The name of selected feed and the value of optimal ration for our dog in (g/day) recommended by NutripetDog.

– Intermediate zone energy needs
The intermediate zone presents the energy needs for our pet. Protein needs / metabolizable energy (g/Mcal) and metabolizable energy requirements (kcal/kg).

– Nutritional composition of the ration
At the bottom we present the nutritional composition of the recommended feed ration. Protein needs (%) for our pet, optimal calculated ration. Needs Calcium (%):. Calcium needs (%) for our pet, optimal calculated ration. Phosphorus (%) for our pet, optimal calculated ration.

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