Find your nearest clinic

NutriPetDog is a very useful tool to control your dog´s nutrition and feeding however NutriPetDog also helps you find closest clinics within 10 km radius. NutriPetDog Pro version will offer the possibility to find associated NutripetDog clinics which have specialists in dogs nutrition.

Coming soon NutriPetDog Pro will be available and we offer the possibility of finding clinics associated to NutripetDog.

How to find your nearest clinic

Click on “CLINICS” menu button, then a new screen will open where you will find a map with your location. By default NutriPetDog makes a request to find nearby clinics around you and will present the location of these clinics on the map. Click on a marker to see the name of the clinic you hace selected.

You can change the look of the map by clicking the Satellite button, if you click on the button again will return to the default map. You can zoom in or zoom out of the map by clicking buttons “+” or “-” to increase or decrease

we provide a slider where you can change the search distance on the map from 500 m to 10000 m. If you want to do a new search click on “Clinics” button again and NutriPetDog will make a new search.

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