How do you register your dogs?

First in the main menu, click on the icon new pet . Then a new application window will open in order for you to fill in your pet´s details.

General Dog information

The first step, is to take a picture of your dog by clicking on the camera button that allows you choose a photo from your photo library in the terminal or save a new picture of our dog. The second step is to fill in the details, pet name , date of birth , breed and sex. All fields are required, once finished, proceed to fill in all fields and move to the second part of the form as shown in the photo.

Data logging nutritional calculations

This data recording area is the most important where you must be very careful and precise when entering data. First proceed to enter the actual weight of your animal after you weigh it, then select the body condition that fit your dog. Then select the activity level of your animal and approximate hours of daily exercise. The next point is to select the average temperature where the animal lives. Finally the other parameters must be included if your dog has any pathology listed in the dropdown menu as whether and animal is spayed or neutered. It the female is in gestation period you introduce the week of gestation. If the female has puppies you must include the number of puppies and the total weight of puppies. When the registration form is completed save your dog by clicking the save button. If the registration was successful, NutriPetDog will show a message confirming the pet has been recorded correctly.

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